Join Our Team

Established in 2006 and based in the heart of Oslo, we are one of the biggest Tattoo studios in Norway.

We are currently offering a fully equipped tattoo work station for rent to an independent and talented artist. All styles are welcome.
The studio is currently not a walk-in shop, so own client base is preferred but not essential.
Station available at a cost of 4500 NOK a week.

2 work stations available (1 station is available now and 1 will be available from 1. April 2021)

What we offer:

- Perfect work conditions in a spacious and clean environment
- Work station including all the necessary furnishings
- Printers available including ink, stencil and paper
- Household items such as hand towels, toilet paper, soap and sanitiser
- All the necessary cleaning products for work surfaces and floors
- Spotify music and awesome reception for clients ( coffee included for clients as well as staff )
- Comfortable kitchen
- Photo corner ( coming soon )
- Timma booking system
- Regular promotion on our website and social media sites
- Four weeks rent free a year ( holidays )

What we ask of you:

- Supply of your own equipment for tattoo art and work
- Cleaning and maintaining your own tattoo station to good standards
- Independently managing your own time at work

If you are interested in joining us, please email a link to your portfolio including any other information you think would be beneficial for us to know.

We are looking forward to working with you ;) 


Torggata 17B 
0183 Oslo, Norway
+47 412 30 220