Are you an ambitious and creative individual with a special talent in drawing that sets you apart from others? Do you dream of and believe you’ve got what it takes to become a successful tattoo artist? You are in the right place because at Invictus we are continuously on a look out for new talents with fresh ideas to join our team. We can offer you a unique training program that is inspirational, packed with lots of valuable information and hands-on work you will enjoy. Here our team of artists are willing to dedicate their time to share their knowledge and skills in order for you to take your talents further. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary expenses when it comes to supplies and materials. All you need is a basic equipment for tattooing and making designs, and we will provide the rest.  
If you believe you’re the one we’re looking for, don’t think twice! Take this chance and apply for an apprenticeship with us! If you have any further questions, or for more details email us a link to your portfolio and any other information you think would be useful for us to know 


We are looking forward to working with you ;) 


Torggata 17B 
0183 Oslo, Norway
+47 412 30 220